If you are looking for a quick way to re-vamp your living space and adding some layers to your windows, mixing curtains and blinds could be the answer. When pulled off properly curtains and blinds can blend together harmoniously, and allows you to enjoy your curtains open for a feminine look whilst still blocking the sun from your living space. Voile blinds or curtains are often used for privacy and/or sunscreening in the daytime. Blackout lined curtains or roman blinds are used for privacy or room darkening at night time, and a third layer can be added for decorative reasons, for example pelmets or dummy curtains to achieve a stunning layered look.

As well as for decorative purposes, this layered design process also has functionality, as it gives you the chance to control the amount of light coming in through your windows. You have to choice to have total sun block, or to let a light glow into your room. This works best if you opt for a voile blind with black out curtains.

Another advantage of mixing curtains and blinds is the ability to play around with colour blocking in your living space, or to go for a block colour blind and patterned curtains to compliment – the choices really are endless!

If you are interested in combining blinds and curtains then please get in touch with RJS Interiors for a comprehensive choice of fabrics and colours to completely transform your space!

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